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NGC 3347, NGC 3354 & NGC 3358

NGC 3358.jpg

This lovely trio of galaxies is located roughly 140 million light-years away in the constellation Antlia. They are all in the same vicinity of each other. NGC 3347 (left) is a classic spiral galaxy with a diameter of approximately 150,000 light-years, making it larger than our own Milky Way galaxy. The significantly smaller galaxy to the right of NGC 3347 is NGC 3354. Tidal streams can be seen between the two galaxies. The face-on galaxy to the top-right is NGC 3358. It is a slightly barred spiral galaxy with a diffuse outer disk and bright inner core.


  • Optics: PlaneWave CDK24.

  • Camera: QHY600M CMOS.

  • Filters: Astrodon LRGB.

  • Location: El Sauce Observatory, Chile.

  • Exposure: 6h00m.

  • Acquisition: Image data acquired remotely using the Telescope Live CHI-1 telescope.

  • Processing: PixInsight & Adobe Photoshop.

  • Credit & Copyright: Chris Willocks / Telescope Live.

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