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NGC 2626

NGC 2626.jpg

NGC 2626 is a beautiful reflection nebula in the constellation Vela. It is next to an obscuring dust cloud and surrounded by reddish hydrogen emission from large HII region RCW 27. It lies within a complex of dusty molecular clouds known as the Vela Molecular Ridge. NGC 2626 is itself a cloud of interstellar dust reflecting blue light from the young hot embedded star visible within the nebula. But astronomical explorations reveal many other young stars and associated nebulae in the star-forming region. NGC 2626 is about 3,200 light-years away.


  • Optics: PlaneWave CDK24.

  • Camera: QHY600M CMOS.

  • Filters: Astrodon LRGB.

  • Location: El Sauce Observatory, Chile.

  • Exposure: 5h30m.

  • Acquisition: Image data acquired remotely using the Telescope Live CHI-1 telescope.

  • Processing: PixInsight & Adobe Photoshop.

  • Credit & Copyright: Chris Willocks / Telescope Live.

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